Refund and Returns Policy

  • If you need to return a product just ensure that the item is eligible for return.
  • All the items that are purchased at Phonex Technologies can be returned within a span of seven days from the date of delivery if they meet certain requirements.
  • Ensure that the items are eligible for return
  • Past the Seven days we will not accept returns.
  • Below are the conditions for returning an item define in our Return Policy.
    1. The customer must present Proof of purchase
    2. Valid return reason and acceptance Condition
    3. Refund method that you would like and the necessary information associated such as the M-pesa Number or bank account number to refund the money to.
    4. All promotional items that came with the particular product at the time of purchase should are subject to be returned
    5. Upon receipt of the said product, A quality check will be performed, If the quality check is successful, the money will be refunded according to your requested refund method.
    6. If the quality check is not successful, we will return the product to you without any refund.
  • How do I Send my products to Phonex Technologies
    1. We shall arrange a pick up at your convenience within 72 hours after you submit the request.
    2. If you are not available after four 4 scheduled attempts on different days, we will cancel the return procedure and you will not be able to return your products.
  • Quality evaluation and Return Process.
    1. The quality check and return process may take up to a maximum of 14 days from the time of the return.
    2. It takes this long in a bid to ensure that the product meets all the return requirements stated above.
    3. Our partners restore the product to its initial working condition or conclude that it needs to be replaced or refunded.
    4. An email will be sent to you once the return examination is completed.