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GSM Desk Phones Landline Phones for Home of Office.

Get GSM Desk Phones, Desktop office Phone, Wireless landline Phone from Phonex Kenya, from Phonex Kenya.  A Desk Phone is a phones where telephone calls are made over the telecommunication channels or over VoIP (Voice over IP) Internet connection.

GSM desk phones differ from regular desk phones in that they hook up to the mobile network, rather than the landline network. They’re almost like a office phone but instead of Internet or SIP they use  GSM (global system for mobile communications) .

You will use these Landline phone as an office phone or home phone with your regular mobile SIM card. You have to register with service providers to use existing GSM network SIM card without laying any new cables in home or office.

Get your GSM Wireless Landline Phone from Phonex Kenya at Best prices in Kenya. We deliver countrywide.


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GSM Desk Phone phone ETS-6588

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