Safaricom 4G Router Q&A

In this Q & A, we try to answer some of the most common questions we get from our customers. Safaricom 4G Routers and other alternatives 4G Routers might be a little confusing. 

Safaricom 4G Router Banner How much does a Safaricom router cost?

The Safaricom router costs Ksh.11,500 from various Safaricom shop outlets. The other alternatives are a bit cheaper but deliver the same quality. You can buy at any Safaricom outlet in the country. Alternatively, you can buy other 4G Routers that support the Safaricom 4G LTE Sim card as low as Ksh.7,500 and above.

How fast is Safaricom 4G router?

Most 4G Routers have a bandwidth capacity of 150Mbps. For Safaricom Router, you are given two options of 3Mbps and 5Mbps. Beyond the allocated speed, the speed is throttled (metered) to 1Mbps.

What is the best 4G Wi-Fi router in Kenya?

We had to add Kenya because there are many 4G LTE Routers in the market, but many are not available in the market. With that in mind, the answer to this question is straightforward. Safaricom Huawei Routers, Huawei Routers

Does Safaricom have portable Wi-Fi?

Safaricom has no portable Wi-Fi or device. If portability is what you are looking for, then go for Portable Mi-Fi devices i.e. Faiba Mifi, and Huawei Mifi.

Are 4G routers worth it?

4G Routers are defiantly worth it. Internet connection is propriety for many in 2022 and beyond. Laying out internet infrastructure in Kenya is costly, with 4G Routers every home can have internet as long as the 4G network is available in the area.   With 4G Sim cards, the cost can be relatively low, especially for heavy users.  Speeds are pretty well most of the time, and for Safaricom 4G Router you’ll get unlimited downloads too.

Can I use a phone SIM in a 4G router?

All 4G routers accept Sim Cards, though some are locked to the network carrier while others are unlocked. Unlocked or Universal 4G Routers will accept Sim cards from any carrier i.e. Safaricom, Faiba, Telkom, etc. 

Does a 4G router need a SIM card?

4G Router doesn’t necessarily have to use a sim card. If you have a cable connection you can still use it as a normal router. The fact that you can switch depending on the setup is an added plus.

Does the router have unlimited Internet?

As of now, only Safaricom is having unlimited internet through their 4G Sim Card. You pay Ksh.3,700 a month for unlimited 3Mbps. Faiba, which is a favorite because of its affordable data rates comes in second. With Ksh.1000 you get 25GB for 30 Days. For a normal or light user, this is fine but a heavy user might spend almost Ksh.3,000, roughly the same amount as Safaricom rate, to be able to have internet for a whole month.

How much is Safaricom LTE?

Safaricom LTE G4 Routers price is Ksh.11,500 inclusive of the 4G Sim card. For that amount you have an internet connection in your house anywhere you are as long as there is a 4g connection in the area. That being said, other 4G routers’ prices vary depending on the brand, vendor, and where you buy them.

How can I use a 4G Wi-Fi router?

Instead of Faiba Home, Zuku, or Faiba Jamii Telcom connection, you can just buy a 4G router + 4G Sim card then you have the internet at home. If you choose Safaricom 4G LTE Sim card, the internet will be unlimited.

That’s about it. If you still have any questions feel free to call/WhatsApp Phonex Kenya 0742702088

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